Wellness360 Challenges

10,000 steps a day

Physical activity is a critical component of a healthy lifestyle, so the Personal Wellness team is offering this challenge to motivate you to get active. Walk at least 10,000 steps or equivalent physical activity per day during the length of the challenge. You can log all physical activity including walking, running, skiing, biking, yoga, gardening, etc.

Make your way along route 66

Start off on your fitness journey along the 2,160 miles virtual route from Chicago to Los Angeles. Notch up miles every time you finish a distance-based activity such as walking, running, biking etc. even as you learn about significant landmarks or places along the route.
An ideal way of staying fit and focused when aiming for your health goals. Stay your course with healthy recipes, useful articles, and a map to track your progress.

Explore the suncoast trail

Make your way towards fitness by traversing 42 miles along the Suncoast trail that winds through the counties of Hillsborough, Pasco, and Hernando in Florida. Learn all about the important landmarks and scenic vistas that you pass by on this virtual route.
A great way of achieving health goals as you head down the course is the useful tips and nutritious recipes that keep you company. Mark your progress on the informative map provided.

Discover the wonders of the grand canyon

Incorporate the magnificent Grand Canyon into your fitness regimen by covering every inch of this natural wonder. Move ahead on the virtual map with every walk, ride, or run that you go on. Meet your activity targets and stay focused on fitness goals with this 280 miles long challenge. Do not lose track of your destination as you fill up on healthy food putting to good use the healthy recipes provided.

I am healthy 30 days challenge

Numerous people don't comprehend the significance of good health. A good health is essential to perform the day to day activities. While discussing a sound wellbeing, various people would consider the condition of their bodies and neglect the condition of their minds. Nevertheless, health isn't just about helping and being free from physical parts of wellbeing. Exercising and eating a nutritious diet are the best techniques for keeping the body sound. In any case, how one might keep the mind healthy, you may ask. Mental wellbeing requires a huge amount of work, and moreover, a blend of the right nourishment and exercise. Exercise is basic to staying sound both in body and mind.

Step into Spring Challenge

As the days get longer and brighter, put a spring into your step and get into a new walking routine! Just thirty minutes walking a day could make a big difference to your health. Try walking to or from work or school, or going for a brisk stroll at lunchtime.

Simple and fun, the Step into Spring 30 Minutes challenge is a great way to boost your current physical activity level and motivate you to get moving and Step into Spring!

Fall into Fitness Challenge

Fall is right around the corner and people everywhere are back to school and back to business. To us, Fall means more than sharpening pencils and reviewing reports – it’s the perfect time to take stock of your fitness goals and give your aspirations a reboot before the holidays. Winter feasts and fun will be here in no time, so now is our chance to lock-down healthy habits and get in great shape as we head into the end of the year.

Eat 5 servings per day of fruits or vegetables

Five reasons to eat five portions of fruit and veg. Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin C and potassium. They're an excellent source of dietary fiber, which helps maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestion problems. Eat 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables during the length of the challenge.

One serving of fruit = a medium apple, banana, or orange, a ½ cup of cooked or canned fruit (chopped), or ¾ cup of fruit juice.

One serving of vegetables = one cup of raw, leafy vegetables, ½ cup of other vegetables (chopped, cooked or raw), or ¾ cup of vegetable juice.

Eat healthy snacks

It is difficult to get the nutrients from just three meals. Plan snacks as part of your daily menu and use them to meet your nutritional needs. As a general guideline, make snacks that include at least two food groups. For example, pair apple slices with cheese or a mini bagel with peanut butter.

Avoid eating junk food

Think about food as fuel. Such nutrient-poor, sugary snacks as candy bars are like fuel that runs hot and flames out. They give you a quick jolt of energy that is followed by a crash that can leave you hungry, cranky, sleepy, and unable to concentrate. Healthy snacks are more like slow-burning fuel that helps you keep going all day. Having several snacks a day helps banish that post-meal sleepiness that comes from consuming too many calories at one sitting. During the length of the challenge , avoid eating junk food.

Eat breakfast daily

Do you eat breakfast regularly? Many people find that they are often too busy in the morning to have breakfast. Some just say that they aren’t hungry enough when they wake up to want to eat anything substantial. Those who don’t eat breakfast could potentially be doing more harm to their bodies than good. Studies show that there are several important reasons to eat breakfast every single morning, no matter how busy you are and even if you aren’t very hungry.
During the length of the challenge, don’t skip your breakfast.

30 minutes of physical activity for a day

Physical activity is a critical component of a healthy lifestyle, so the Personal Wellness team is offering this challenge to motivate you to get active.

Log at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day during the length of the challenge. You can log all physical activity including walking, running, skiing, biking, yoga, gardening, etc.

Avoid the elevator

Physical activity is a critical component of a healthy lifestyle, so the Personal Wellness team is offering this challenge to motivate you to get active. During the length of this challenge, you take stairs instead of the elevator.


It is important to stretch all your muscle groups on a daily basis. Muscles, like other tissues in our body, need to have good blood circulation to be healthy. We spend most of our day in the same posture. By not stretching, we continue to overuse and fatigue our muscles, making them short and tight.
During the length of this challenge, each day you spend 15 minutes stretching all your muscle groups.

Lighten up – weight loss challenge

Losing weight is the best way to get into shape, so here is a challenge from the Personal Wellness team -

Lose a minimum of 2 pounds in 30 days.

Run, jog, walk, diet, ski, bike, step up or do anything that helps you shed that extra weight, just be sure to lighten up and brighten up.

Read a fun book

Relax and lose yourself in a good book. Finish the book and you finish the challenge.

Quiet relaxation or reflection

During the length of the challenge spend 10 minutes of quiet time each day.

Plan a fun activity for yourself or with others

“Life is good”. Make it so for others and win the Challenge.

Volunteer at a community organization

Discover the needs of others in your community and put your talents and skills to work. Satisfy the Challenge by helping out.

Sleep at least seven hours each night

Finding relief from daily physical, mental, and emotional pressures or stress is clearly one of the challenges of modern living. Consistent healthy sleep patterns ensure productive and enjoyable days.

Drink eight cups of water each day

Drinking more water is one of the best things you can do for your health for so many reasons. It's really not that difficult, we promise. Grab a refillable water container and keep it at your desk, drink it with your meals, have a glass first thing when you get up in the morning and before you know it you’ll have reached your goal.

Get rid of clutter lent challenge

Lent is a time to introspect and sacrifice many of the luxuries of life over a period of 40 days. It is a test of your ability to resist temptation and live the simple life.

In this 40-day challenge, you must discard one item from your closet every day and collect it in a garbage bag. These should be things that you no longer use. After you have done this for 40 days, donate the bag to an organization that can put those things to better use.

Kick the caffeine each day

Let go of caffeine in all forms—coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks—to improve your health by leaps and bounds. Better sleep, a decline in blood pressure, less anxiety, healthier teeth, and some savings are some of the gains you stand to make.

Convenient and easy, the 30-day Cut Off Caffeine challenge will set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Track your daily consumption

Keep an eye on what you put on your plate at meal times to meet your calories goals for each day. Track everything you eat for 30 consecutive days and discover your eating patterns. This will help you figure out your calorie intake and determine the right goals for you.

Quick and simple, the Watch What You Eat Challenge motivates you to eat well and eat healthy.

Time to donate blood

Blood donation is a great way of contributing to the community. With one round of blood donation you can benefit as many as three people or even help save a life.

Fulfilling the Time to Donate Blood challenge helps you know more about your cardiovascular health as your pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin, and body temperature will all be monitored. It can also bring to light, health concerns that you were not aware of.

Get your heart reacing

A healthy heart is key to your well-being. The first step is figuring out your target heart rate with a simple formula. Subtracting your age from 220 will give you the maximum heart rate and indicates the maximum number of times your heart should beat per minute while exercising.

With the Get Your Heart Racing challenge, you can achieve your target heart rate and maintain it consistently with the help of moderate to vigorous activity.

Spend 10 minutes a day decluttering your life

Being organized can not only help you save time, but it can also contribute to your overall well-being! Simple yet useful, the 30-day decluttering your life challenge can ease your life to a great extent.

Spending just 10 minutes per day (a total of 300 minutes) on decluttering your home and office can be significant in lowering stress, making you feel energetic, and keeping you focused. Don’t forget to organize the files on your computer while at it.

No alcohol challenge

Quitting all things alcoholic such as wine, beer, and spirits for a period of 30 days is what this challenge is all about.

While appearing to be a difficult task, the No Alcohol Challenge is not the least bit daunting. An extremely beneficial move towards weight loss and higher energy level, it also brings you clearer skin, higher productivity, greater focus, improved memory, and enhanced cognition.

Snack Ideas from Each Food Group

Grains: Dry cereal, whole grain crackers, mini rice cakes, sliced bread, mini bagels, graham crackers, and whole wheat tortillas.
Vegetables: Veggie "matchsticks" (thin sticks) made from fresh carrots or zucchini, bell pepper rings, cherry tomatoes, steamed broccoli, green beans, sugar peas, and avocadoes.
Fruits: Apple slices, tangerine sections, strawberry halves, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, peach, mango, nectarine, melon, grapes, berries, and dried apricots.
Dairy: Low-fat cheese slices or string cheese, mini yogurt cups, fat-free or low-fat milk, and low-fat cottage cheese.
Protein Foods: Egg slices or wedges, peanut butter, bean dip, hummus, slices of lean turkey or chicken, and shelled pumpkin seeds.
During the length of the challenge, snack healthy and stay healthy.