With our core purpose being enhancing employee health and workplace wellness, Wellness360 has come up with a simple COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool. Accessible through our employee wellness programs, the tool allows your employees to take daily assessments to know their risk status and decide if it is safe for them to return to the workplace yet. Based on the outcomes, employers can plan their back-to-work transition strategies.

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Wellness360 Sparks & Nurtures A Culture Of Workplace WellBeing

Apart from the other tangible benefits like flexible working hours and better salary packages, employees seek a positive workplace culture. Wellness360 offers comprehensive wellness platforms and tools to enrich employee wellbeing and boost organizational productivity.


Boost Workplace Wellness

A strong and positive corporate culture boosts employee engagement and overall workplace wellness. Healthier employees are happier, engaging, and more productive in their workplace. Our activities support individual wellbeing and team building, with a holistic approach to build a healthy workplace and employee experience.

Higher Workforce Retention Rates

A well conceptualized and well-executed wellness program shows that the company cares and values its employees. This could be a great strategy to attract and retain top talent by way of meeting their expectations of “employee benefits”.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Wellness360 supports employees in achieving holistic wellness. Healthy employees are more active and focused on work. Reduced absenteeism, better quality of work, and lower healthcare costs reflect in enhanced employee performance and organizational productivity.

Why Choose Wellness 360 Wellness Platform?

Built based on the latest behavioral changes research, the wellness platforms from Wellness360 offers proven wellness challenges and activities, program guides, online educational resources, white label wellness program, and many other customizable options , for your workplace wellness.

Why Wellness360

Together with engaging wellness challenges and health habits improvement elements, Wellness360 offers more for your workplace wellness. We make employee engagement easy, and enhance the quality of life of your employees, making them happier, healthier, and productive. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Wellness360 as your employee wellness program provider.


Robust technology, comprehensive platform

We take pride in the technology we build! Our robust platform is built using the latest corporate wellness technology to stay on par with the emerging trends and is constantly at work in the backend.


Complete, End-to-End Solution

From a modular integrative system to highly configurable tailor-made components, the Wellness360 platform provides end-to-end solutions for our customers. By automating most of the processes, we aim to reduce manual efforts and save time.


Flexible Incentive Plans

Our rewards engine is flexible to accommodate different incentive plans based on your company's financial ability and employee's interests. Set your rewards campaign to help employees earn points based on participation, outcomes, or progress.


Focusing on the Essentials

A few key areas drive most of your health and productivity-related costs: nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle habits. Helping your employees eat, move, and live better, these areas, like - weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and smoking status, make a significant impact on the core metrics of your population.


Built-In Engagement Programs

Our wellness program offers countless campaigns and challenges, along with self-guided, personalized programs that are specific to employee wellness needs. We also keep updating our challenges, programs, and platform content to stay in line with the emerging wellness trends.


Dedicated Program Support

Right from planning to launch, and after that, we provide all the required communications, valuation, and support. A dedicated Wellness360 Account Manager will work to understand your company's business and wellness goals needs, guides through the process, and offer help whenever needed.