Know Your Customer: Partnering with Wellness360 gives you hundreds of reporting metrics to confidently discuss participation levels and program effectiveness to help you customize your Wellness offerings based on your customer's needs.

With our Personal Health Assessment (PHA), reporting functions, interactive survey tools and award winning health and exercise features, Wellness360 Wellness provides you with the business insight to understand your customer needs and the tools to drive lifestyle improvement.

Your Silent Partner: As a Wellness360 Wellness reseller, you receive the best-in-the-market tools, resources, and practices necessary to automate the delivery of your wellness programs. As your silent partner, Wellness360 provides a custom-branded portal, expertise and services necessary to help you deliver the best your clients. Whether you are looking for assistance in managing an existing client or launching a new customer or adding technology to your offerings, Wellness360 is here to support your business needs.


Stand Out From Your Competition

In the competitive world, every organization is continuously looking for an edge over their competitors. We recognize it.

We understand that providing value add services is critical for the success of Insurance Brokers. Meeting the need, we will private label our solution to ensure that the delivery of wellness is targeted to your specific needs and represent the employee culture and look and feel. We work with you to customize the platform and also deployment of the Wellness Program.

Each business is different so is the client. We offer the flexibility to provide the most cost-effective solution that reaches all of your employees or clients. As research shows, a non-participant typically does not improve their health and a low-risk individual does not remain low-risk if they are not engaged in a long-term health management program.


Having an automated and dedicated resources to achieve wellness objectives is a challenge which is specifically addressed through wellness 360.

Wellness360 works with hospitals and health systems to develop manage and automate wellness programs to improve employee wellbeing and patient outcomes.Wellness360 connects with hospitals and health care clients using comprehensive wellness platform and services and extends its expertise to achieve utmost satisfaction of the clientele.

Integrated Solution –Our experience in integrating infrastructure of hospitals and health systems is what sets us apart from other wellness offerings. The Wellness360 platform is flexible and comprehensive to meet the demanding needs of health care organizations.


Wellness360 quickly and effectively private labels our online platform and seamlessly integrates our tools and content into your company-specific environment. Once successfully integrated, we will be able to implement tailored programs to your employees, engage, encourage and deliver behavioral change programs and measure program efficacy.

With an increasing emphasis on wellness and new avenues of producing revenue streams, the corporate approach towards wellness is constantly expanding At Wellness360, your health plan will deliver robust integrated corporate wellness offerings from within your portal Walking Programs, Team Challenges, Incentive Campaigns, Coaching Platform, Disease State Workshops, Blood Screenings and many other wellness services.