Improving your employees' wellbeing is a continuous process involving a multitude of considerations and factors. This process is at the heart of the Wellness360, and we strive to provide the services and tools necessary to help you reduce your organizational health risks by creating an employee climate centered around wellness.

We create this change through our comprehensive and integrated Platform. The Wellness360 Wellness platform supports many capabilities including: Personal Health Assessment (HRA (Health Risk Assessments)), Incentive Management, Team Challenges, Diet and Exercise Tools, Walking Programs, and Interactive Wellness Workshops on Nutrition, Lifestyle Management, Diabetes, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Hypertension, Weight Management and others).


Wellness360 understands that a client is more than an organization. Your wellness program is an extension of your organization and must compliment the culture. To meet your employees' expectations and organizational needs, Wellness360 has customizable, robust and easy to deploy solutions to match the brand value of your organization.

When you sign up with the tracker, you will find tracking against your daily goals, with friends, and against your historic averages to motivate you bring fitness into your life seamlessly and help you access wellness portal, message and invite your friends and colleagues, monitor your calories against activity and many more steps towards an active long life ahead.

We offer: Activity Tracker & Sleep Monitor ,Challenges and Online Engagement Platforms .


Wellness360 brings together activity tracking, healthy competitions and challenges and social media to make wellness fun, drive behavior change, and save your company money.

We all know the issues:

  • More than 50% of all healthcare costs stem from preventable health conditions.
  • Many of us struggle to exercise regularly, eat right, and/or maintain healthy weight.

We will encourage, support and motivate your employees to be more engaged, happier, healthier, and less prone to absenteeism and illness.

We understand the commercial pressures that businesses and health and wellness budgets are under. Wellness360 offer competitive prices and value for money.


Wellness360 understands that a company is more than a mere graphical representation. Your wellness initiative/program is an extension of your organization and must compliment your organizational culture. Wellness360 solution is private labeled to match your brand, to meet your employees' expectations and organizational needs.

With just one single login, your employees can seamlessly access your wellness portal, utilizing programs and messaging you feel best meets their needs, all directly from your intranet.


Wellness360's Rewards module uses behavioral economics and social mechanics to promote long-term, healthy behavior change. Employers may fully customize their incentive parameters including:

  • Reward amounts
  • Achievement thresholds
  • Wellness360 Activity Points
  • Frequency

Rewarded behaviors for program participation, sustainable engagement, healthier outcomes, and social actions.


OMeaningful change is a process, not the end goal itself.

Motivation is not a simple or easy concept. Social accountability, behavioral economics, and game mechanics — it’s easy to see how a blend of programs and stimulators will help many unique individuals in your workforce. The key takeaway wellness360 gives is you can set your goals, compare to get motivated intrinsically and extrinsically.

To get a motivating experience our team challenges are typically 6 to 8 week targeted and highly focused on fitness, nutrition, and/or lifestyle balance and are run as team competitions.


Business analytics are instrumental in effectively understanding your organizational needs. Wellness360 gives you the benefit of a proven wellness portal and the necessary reporting services to monitor program efficacy. You will be able to quantify results with a conscious improvement in lifestyle through the use of our HRA, reporting functions, interactive survey tools and prescriptive wellness and disease specific workshops.